Seed bead crocodile key ring tutorial

The beaded crocodile is a great classic : timeless, lovely, beautiful…

It was the first creation I did when I was young. This crocodile may be done by adultes and kids.

It’s a excellent way to learn 3D seed beads animals.



Supply list :

–  I always use fishing string. Make sure that your string is not too thick. 0,25 or 0,30 mm is perfect.

– seed beads of 2 differents colours

– 2 black seed beads

– keyring

– pairs of scissors


Just below, this is the pattern of the crocodile.

The green beads represent the underside of the animal and the yellow beads represent the top.


Cut 75 cm of thread. String one bead onto your thread. Make sure the bead is in the middle.


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