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My leopard cuff is well advanced! I'm happy with the result. The leopard patterns are very realistic.

I miss the swarovki bicones 3mm to do the edging. It will give glamour and shine.

I'm excited to show you the results.

See you soon! smile

Work in progress : the model of Josie Fabre published in the october beandandbutton magazine. I love leopard print. It goes well with black outfit.

This beaded cuff is made with three drop peyote stitch.

I began last week-end. The result is promising.

I will show you the rendering. smile

See you soon wink

Surfing the internet I found a pattern of a cuff with Tila beads. Tila beads are square beads of the miyuki brand.

The idea is original. It's easy to do and different of peyote technique.

Once on the website, click on the page number below to follow step by step instructions. The photos are clear.

Click here
to access the pattern

Good work!

I'm in love with kumihimo! - 02/02/2014 21:41

Not long ago, I discovered kumihimo technique. I wanted to learn this technique and tried to do something simple. I decided to realise this bracelet. It is composed of silk ribbons.

In just 20 minutes the braid was made.

I'm crazy about this technique because it allows many possibilities: we can do braiding with threads, beads, ribbons, etc.

I've prepared a tutorial to create a simple braid bracelet as the photo (8 threads).

Click here to access the tutorial (in french)

* * Look at the stars * * - 28/01/2014 21:53

I've always loved jewelry star shape. There are many models of star rings: with crystal swarovski, Delicas, seed beads...

Last week I was surfing the web and I came accross Etsy website.

I found a new model of star ring and I love it! I decided to do it. Now see the result.

The creator of the pattern is American. The pattern is available on the website creator (there is a charge).

To access the store of the creator it's here.

See you soon.

One week ago, I spoke to you about my desire to reproduce the Stefanie Deddo-evans bracelet (found in the beadwork magazine - december/january)

After many hours of weaving, failures also eek, 2 broken needles (rrrrrr), it's done!

The contrast between the black seed beads and cabochons colors gives elegance to the bracelet.

Stefanie Deddo-evans named this creation "painter's palette" and I think it suits very well.

Very soon


hibouschema.jpg Aren't they cute?

With these owl you can do pendant and portable jewelry.

The pattern is available on this website : Heatherwork, priced at £6.50.

I did not download the pattern but I intend to do one day!

See you soon!





What to do this week-end? - 17/01/2014 20:13

This week-end the weather is not very good in France. Rain Rain and rain again! But it's perfect to bead!

Two month ago I subscribed to Beadwork magazine. I love this magazine because there are many stitch beaded projects to do.

In the issue of january I selected the pattern of Stefanie Deddo-Evans called : "Painter's palette bracelet". So beautiful... I placed an order to have all the beads necessary. Now it's all right!



Thideddo_evans2.jpgs bracelet is composed of Lucite cabochons. The techniques used are flat cubic right-angle weave and tubular peyote stitch.

I have not yet the clasps but I'll see at the end.

I will show you the result.

See you soon!







duorope.jpg I propose you today to realise a beautiful bracelet with Superduo beads.

"Superduo"? What is it? smile These are glass beads made in Czech republic.

Its looks like a grain of rice. With these beads you can realise very original creations.

I selected a diagram to realise a beautiful beaded spiral rope. The instructions are not in english but there are many photos and diagrams.

Click here to see the diagram

Good beadwork!


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